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Personal Care Aide Certification

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Personal Care Aide Certification

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Personal Care Aide Certification
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  • Online Training Course
  • Credit Hours 43
  • Appropriate for Individuals Working in States or Settings Where No Mandated Certification Exists
  • Includes Basic Care Skills Videos That Provide Step-By-Step Skills Instruction on Essential Topics
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The Institute for Professional Care Education’s Personal Care Aid Certification Course is designed for individuals seeking to gain employment as a senior care provider.

This certification is appropriate both for the paid, professional caregiver as well as for family caregivers who are stepping into caregiving roles for loved ones.

IPCed's PCA Certification course consists of six modules. Each section within a module is 1-2 hours in length. Total Personal Care Aid Certification course is 40 hours in length. This interactive online course uses variety of teaching methods including streaming video and can be taken at your own pace. Learners are able to pause and resume each module as needed. Preview Course

Module 1: Becoming a Caregiver

  • CARE101 - Caregiving Core Values and Teamwork
  • CARE102 - Caregiving Tasks and Client Populations
    • TIPS131 - Quick Tips - Helping Families Cope
  • CARE103 - Ethics and Personal Rights
  • CARE104 - Communicating with Others
    • TIPS129 - Quick Tips - Effective Basic Communication
    • VBCS133 - Basic Care Skills - Privacy
    • VBCS126 - Basic Care Skills - Leaving the Room

Module 2: Basic Foundations for Care

  • CARE105 - HIPAA and client rights
  • CARE106 - Promoting Client Independence
  • CARE107 - Elder Abuse: Causes, Types and Reporting
  • CARE108 - Human Needs and Development Throughout the Lifespan
  • CARE109 - Body Systems and the Aging Process
  • CARE110 - Common Chronic Diseases
    • IPS126 - Quick Tips - Alzheimer's disease and Dementia
  • CARE111 - Common Communicable Diseases
  • CARE112 - Handling Difficult Situations and Behaviors
    • TIPS132 - Quick Tips - Managing Challenging Behaviors
    • TIPS125 - Quick Tips - Advanced Skills for the Most Challenging Behaviors
    • VBCS134 - Basic Care Skills - Promoting Independence

Module 3: Caregiving in an Emergency

  • CARE113 - Caregiver First Aid - Burns and Poisons
  • CARE114 - Caregiver First Aid - Heart Attack and Shock
  • CARE115 - Caregiver First Aid - Choking and Falls
  • CARE116 - Caregiver First Aid - Stroke and Wounds
  • CARE117 - Caregiver First Aid - Other Sudden Emergencies

Module 4: Nuts and Bolts of Caregiving

  • CARE118 - Infection prevention and control
  • CARE119 - Workplace Hazards and Safety
    • TIPS130 - Quick Tips - Environment Is Important
  • CARE120 - Promoting and Maintaining Good Mobility
  • CARE121 - Nutrition and Hydration: Special Diets and Fluid Intake
  • CARE122 - Elimination and Toileting
    • VBCS123 - Basic Care Skills - Gloves
    • VBCS125 - Basic Care Skills - Handwashing
    • VBCS117 - Basic Care Skills - Applying Elastic Stockings
    • VBCS132 - Basic Care Skills - Positioning
    • VBCS136 - Basic Care Skills - Range of Motion
    • VBCS120 - Basic Care Skills - Bedpan
    • VBCS140 - Basic Care Skills - Skin Care
    • VBCS127 - Basic Care Skills - Making an Occupied Bed

Module 5: Providing Personal Care and Services

  • CARE123 - Providing Personal Care
    • TIPS128 - Quick Tips - Daily Care Skills
  • CARE124 - Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
    • TIPS124 - Quick Tips - Activities and Enrichment
  • CARE125 - Providing Skin Care
  • CARE126 - Measuring Vital Signs
    • VBCS142 - Basic Care Skills - Vital Signs
    • VBCS141 - Basic Care Skills - Temperature
    • VBCS130 - Basic Care Skills - Pain
    • VBCS135 - Basic Care Skills - Pulse
    • VBCS137 - Basic Care Skills - Respiration
    • VBCS118 - Basic Care Skills - Bathing
    • VBCS119 - Basic Care Skills - Bed Bath
    • VBCS138 - Basic Care Skills - Shampooing Hair in Bed
    • VBCS122 - Basic Care Skills - Dressing
    • VBCS124 - Basic Care Skills - Grooming Hair
    • VBCS128 - Basic Care Skills - Nail Care
    • VBCS129 - Basic Care Skills - Oral Hygiene
    • VBCS121 - Basic Care Skills - Denture Care
    • VBCS131 - Basic Care Skills - Perineal Care
    • VBCS139 - Basic Care Skills - Shaving

Module 6: Crucial Skills

  • CARE127 - Observation, Reporting, and Recording
  • Observation checklist
  • TIPS127 - Quick Tips - Appraisal and Care Planning Skills
  • CARE128 - End of Life Care
    • TIPS133 - Quick Tips - Understanding Death and Dying
  • CARE129 - Managing your Work and Avoiding Caregiver Stress
  • CARE130 - Caregiver Conduct - Regulations, Co-workers, and Families
  • CARE131 - Understanding Sexual Harassment and Misconduct
  • CARE132 - Understanding Cultural Differences in the senior population

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Personal Care Aide Certification