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Managing Human Resources

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Managing Human Resources

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This course is not approved by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). For courses that are approved to meet the CDSS certification or recertification requirements, please click here.

This self-paced online course is designed to prepare assisted living and residential care administrators develop strategies to be successful at managing human resources in his or her care community.

Course Information:
  • Online Training Course
  • Credit Hours: 1.25
  • Human Resource Laws and Regulations
  • Manage and Utilize Human Resources in the Assisted Living and Residential Care Setting
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Course Description

In this course we will address topics pertaining to effectively managing human resources in assisted living, as well as important issues an administrator may face in residential care and assisted living settings.

Course Objectives

    By the end of this course the participant will be able to:
  • 1. Understand how to effectively manage and utilize human resources in the assisted living and residential care setting.
  • 2. Explain all the job descriptions including: common roles/titles, universal workers and staffing levels.
  • 3. Develop strategic plans regarding recruitment and retention of high quality staff.
  • 4. Understand issues regarding compensation and benefits and how to properly follow all the legal requirements.
  • 5. Perform effective orientation and training of new staff as well as current employees.
  • 6. Maintain proper personnel files and policies.
  • 7. Address issues regarding discipline and termination.
  • 8. Follow Human Resource Laws and Regulations.

Course Outcomes

  • I. Introduction
  • II. Job Description
  • a. Common roles/titles
  • b. Universal workers
  • c. Staffing levels
  • d. Departments
  • e. Exempt/Non-exempt
  • f. Responsibilities
  • III. Recruitment and Retention
  • a. Recruiting staff
  • i. Newspapers
  • ii. Job fairs
  • iii. Online
  • b. Partner with local school/college
  • c. Millennials
  • i. Description
  • ii. Characteristics
  • iii. Application to recruiting staff
  • d. Interviewing applicants
  • i. Get to know the person
  • ii. Discover his/her job expectations/intentions
  • iii. Obtain information about qualifications
  • iv. How well does he/she work with others
  • v. Allow him/her to ask you questions
  • e. The hiring process
  • IV. Compensation and Benefits
  • a. Compensation
  • i. Equal pay for Equal work
  • ii. Factors to consider
  • b. Benefits
  • i. Common types of benefits
  • ii. Specialized benefits
  • c. Exempt and nonexempt
  • d. Contract and at-will employment
  • i. Description of “at-will”
  • ii. Contracts
  • 1. Descriptions
  • 2. Language
  • 3. Precautions
  • 4. Training staff
  • e. Unions
  • V. Staff Retention
  • a. Turnover
  • i. Keys to preventing turnover
  • ii. Turnover report
  • iii. Exit interview
  • iv. Evaluation
  • b. Retaining staff
  • i. Management’s role
  • ii. Communication
  • iii. Environmental factors
  • iv. Offer advancements/benefits
  • v. Recognition
  • VI. Staff Training
  • a. Orientation
  • b. Utilizing a qualified trainer
  • c. Training environment
  • d. Organizational chart
  • e. Resident-centered care
  • VII. Employee handbook
  • a. Description
  • b. Role
  • i. Resource for new and long-standing employees
  • ii. Helps explain corporate culture
  • iii. Communicating expectations
  • iv. Clarifies compliance
  • c. Employee review and signature
  • d. Terminology
  • VIII. Personnel Files and Policies
  • a. Reasons to maintain personnel files
  • b. Common files to retain
  • c. Payment records
  • d. Records of employee benefits
  • e. Types and retention timeframes
  • f. Employee access
  • IX. Employee evaluations
  • a. Timeline
  • b. Purpose
  • c. Reasons for developing performance appraisals
  • X. Discipline and Termination
  • a. Discipline
  • i. Offenses
  • ii. Disciplinary steps
  • b. Termination
  • i. Clarifications and precautions
  • ii. Documentation
  • XI. HR Laws and Regulations
  • a. Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • b. Civil Rights Act – Title VII
  • c. The Civil Rights Act of 1991
  • d. Age Discrimination
  • e. Americans with Disabilities Act
  • f. COBRA
  • g. The Consumer Credit Protection Plan
  • h. Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988
  • i. Electronic Communications Privacy Act
  • j. The Employee Polygraph Protection Act
  • k. Employee Retirement Income Security Act
  • l. The Equal Pay Act of 1963
  • m. Affirmative Action
  • n. Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • o. The Family and Medical Leave Act
  • p. Health Plans and Benefits
  • q. Labor Management Relations Act

Instructor: Sandi Flores, RN and Josh Allen, RN

Josh Allen is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of experience in senior living. As the Director of InTouch at Home, Josh oversees all aspects of business development, care, services, and operations for the organization. As a part of the SRG Senior Living family of companies, InTouch at Home delivers personalized care and services to clients living in senior living communities as well as private residences across three states.

Josh also serves on the board of the American Assisted Living Nurses Association, and represents AALNA on the boards of the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living and Coalition of Geriatric Nursing Organizations. Josh has previously served as President and CEO of Care and Compliance Group, a leading training solutions provider.

Sandra Flores, RN is a respected educator, consultant, and published author for the Assisted Living industry. Sandi is past president of the American Assisted Living Nurses Association representing the organization in Washington, DC as a board member of the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living. She serves as a consultant on resident care with over 3000 beds under clinical management. She also provides expert witness for legal review to industry providers. As an educator, Sandi has instructed more than twenty thousand residential care administrators and caregivers throughout the western United States. Sandi also co-authors a monthly column in the magazine Geriatric Nursing.

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Managing Human Resources